about - Alberto Mesirca - abstract, fine art, sociological photography

Alberto Mesirca (b. 1964) is a Self-taught photographer, he discovered photography when he was a teen but he started practising it at an advanced amateur level for 4 years now. He grew up in Rome (Italy) and after having obtained a Master in Telecommunications Engineering he lived and worked in different countries (Hong Kong, Argentina, USA, Belgium, United Arab Emirates) following his wife on postings abroad. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

He approaches his subjects in two ways. One is from a geometrical and rational perspective, possibly trying to find the abstract in reality and attempting to rationalize it. The other is from a sociological perspective, investigating the social, economical and historical context of also minimal aspects of reality that, like in a fractal, represent the whole.

He believes that these processes inevitably lead to a more intimate knowledge and appreciation of the reality before him.

He does not like to overly modify his photos in post processing as for him the representation of reality as actually seen is vey important and also because during the film era he shot with slides, where the scope of modifications was minimal.

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